A Message from the Principal

Principal's Message

1. Bare midriffs, halters, tank tops, and articles of clothing that displays excessive nudity are not permitted,  Shirts and or blouses must meet the pants and or skirt.

2. Shorts, cut-offs, hot pants, athletic shorts and tight fitting shorts (example: bicycle or running shorts) ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Attire, such as culottes or pants that fall to the knee ARE ACCEPTABLE.

3. Any article, which displays indecent writing, pictures, or slogans, are not acceptable.

4. Any article that is excessively soiled is not acceptable.

5. Sunglasses without prescriptions or medical excuse are not permitted.

6. Any article which could cause damage to self, others, or others is not permitted.

7. Hats are not to be worn in school building.


Any student violating the dress code policy, WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM SCHOOL.  



Christine Sidwa

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