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Sports Physical 2016 2017

Medication Form

Basketball Sport Physicals:

If you have a Letter-to-Play from the school nurse dated June 2016 or September 2016:

If you have a letter, please complete a “Health History Update Questionnaire.” This form must be returned to Nurse Lindt during the week of October 17th. You may print this form from this website.

If you do not have a Letter-to-Play dated June 2016 or September 2016:

Nurse Lindt will collect the sport-physical packets from the students starting October 17th and all week until October 21st. The students interested in trying out for the basketball team should contact their private physicians now to get a physical exam and have the sport physical form completed. Students will need to have a physical exam if the student does not have a letter to play (from the school nurse) for the 2016-2017 school year. The Physical exam form and the packet containing 11 other consent forms must be complete and given to Nurse Lindt during the week of October 17th to the 21st. The sport physicals packet is on this website and at the athletic department’s website at the "forms" window.

History Update Questionnaire

Asthma Medication Forms

Diabetes Training; Glucagon

Diabetes Training; Hyperglycemia

Diabetes Training; Hypoglycemia

Epi-Pen Medication Forms

Meningococcal Fact Sheet2

Hpv Fact Sheet


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