Principal's Message

Rahim Graham

It is with great anticipation to begin my fifth year as Principal of Calvin Coolidge Elementary School.  As a former student, teacher, and vice principal in the Hillside District, I am part of the Hillside Community.  The first four years have surpassed all of my expectations.  With intense collaboration with the superintendent, principals, classroom teachers, Title 1 staff, and support staff, Calvin Coolidge has consistently made progress in closing the achievement gaps in reading and mathematics.  This achievement is a joint effort.  I am extremely pleased with my staff and will continue to forge stronger relationships with parents.  We will continue to assess needs and make the necessary changes to make Calvin Coolidge Elementary School even better.


For this upcoming year, Calvin Coolidge will be issuing Achieve 3000, Benchmark, and EnVision to monitor the growth of students.  Achieve 3000, Benchmark, and EnVision assessments will be given in the beginning, middle, and end of the year to measure the growth of our students.  The teachers and parents will receive reports after each test.  Teachers will use the data from the reports to drive instruction in the classroom.  The Calvin Coolidge Elementary School is also planning on improving technology accessibility for all of our students.  We have continually increased our chrome book accessibility for students.  The chrome books will provide teachers with technology resources to issue MAP assessment and other technological assessments geared to gather data to provide more differentiated instruction in the classroom and provide individualized instruction during our Enrichment Period.  During the Enrichment Period, we will provide support and extra practice on the level the student is currently performing.


My philosophy is as follows:
All students can learn!  If educators instill a growth mindset, encourage work ethic and will power, any student can exhibit growth.  Our teachers are encouraged and expected to promote this mindset in all aspects of life.


Calvin Coolidge School

Mission Statement

In partnership with the greater Hillside community, Calvin Coolidge Elementary School shares the responsibility of educating all students.  We seek to foster a love of learning in an innovative, cooperative climate which empowers all students to be competent, productive, caring and responsible citizens.


Vision Statement

In Calvin Coolidge Elementary School, our students will be held to high expectations in academics, behavior, and character development.  With dedicated and highly skilled teachers and staff, we continuously heighten our instructional practices and curriculum to meet and challenge the needs of all learners in a safe and nurturing environment.


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