Building Administration


The school is led by administrators April Lowe, Principal, and Tracy Quattrocchi, the Instructional Supervisor.

Ms. Lowe is a proud graduate of Delaware State University. Ms. Lowe taught first grade for several years at Parkway School in Ewing Township.  Ms. Lowe graduated from the College of New Jersey with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  While attending the College of New Jersey, she won the Leadership Award for her graduating class.  She was also the recipient of a $25,000 award from the Milken Family Foundation.  This is a very prestigious award for teachers of excellence.   Before arriving to the Hillside Township School District, Ms. Lowe served as Principal for Randolph Township Public Schools.  As she begins her 13th year as an administrator, her goal is to create an optimal learning environment for every student that attends A.P. Morris.  If you have any questions ore concerns, Ms. Lowe is always willing to talk or meet with you.  She can be reached at 908 352-7664 EX 5510 or

Mrs. Quattrocchi (also known as Mrs. Q.) serves as the instructional supervisor for A.P. Morris Early Childhood Center. Currently Mrs. Q. helps lead Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) meetings, Student Achievement and Collaboration (SAC) meetings, as well as perform a variety of other duties that help meet the curricular and instructional needs of the staff and students. Prior to her role as an administrator, Mrs. Quattrocchi worked in the Hillside Public Schools as a second grade teacher at both A.P. Morris Early Childhood Center and Calvin Coolidge Elementary School. During that time she served both the general education and inclusion student populations.  Mrs. Q. holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Early and Middle Childhood Education from Montclair State University. She also earned a master’s degree from Kean University in Educational Leadership. Mrs. Q. enjoys working with the students, staff and the Hillside community. She will continue to collaborate and innovate to provide the best quality education possible. Mrs. Q can be reached at 908-352-7664 EX 6500 or For her website click here.