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Principal Message

 Principal Message  

I am thankful for scholars who eagerly come to school to learn as much as possible each day. I am thankful for a beautiful school where scholars can come to learn and grow. I am thankful for teachers and staff who give many hours of their days to provide students with the instruction and guidance needed to help students succeed. I am thankful for parents who support the efforts of our school. Thanks for all that you do to help A.P. Morris Early Childhood Center be the best school it can be.

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Buddy Walk-A-Thon Winner!



Congratulations to Kayla West!

She is the top fundraiser for the Buddy Walk-a-Thon in October. 

Kayla is able to choose the next spirit day which is Friday, December 6, 2019.

 Kayla has a question for all scholars!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

All children are able to show us by dressing in that attire on Friday, December 6th

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Code of Conduct Contract 19-20
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Important Dates School Year 2019-2020

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Breakfast & Lunch Menus

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Bees of the Month Small Bee

Bees of the Month are recognized who were selected for demonstrating the character trait of the month. 



Reporting Child Abuse


If you are - or someone you know is - experiencing

verbal, emotional or physical abuse, including neglect

Please call:

1-877- (I-877-652-5510)

TTY 1-800-835-5510

If you are in immediate danger, call 911 on social media:


@NewJerseyDCF @NJDCF

A.P. Morris is UN-BEE-LIEVABLE !



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