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Families and schools are both active participants in the education of children and youth.  Parents/guardians and teachers need to collaborate to improve student achievement and school performance.  Family members and educators each have a distinctive yet interrelated role to play, and each has an important voice to be heard.


Good communication between home and school is important to keep you in touch with your child’s educational needs and success.


Tips to enhance parent-teacher communication:


  1. Make an appointment so that you have time to talk with the teacher if you have a concern, and let the teacher know what you want to talk about.
  2. Talk about your concerns in a positive, problem-solving way.  Avoid blaming or criticizing the teacher-especially in front of your child.
  3. Let your child know about talks you have had with his/her teacher.  Children should see that open communication between home and school is a good sign of teamwork.
  4. Tell the teacher about any major changes in your child’s life (death in family, birth of sibling, divorce, etc.) that may affect his/her schoolwork.
  5. Show the teacher your appreciation when he/she does something special for your child.


Christine M. Sidwa



Source:  Laboratory for Student Success (LSS) Temple University Center for Research in Human Development and Education.

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Class of 2017 Project Graduation

HHS PTSA presents

Class of 2017 Project Graduation

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Prom Princess Project

Prom Princess Project

Student of the Month Students of the Month

Congratulations to the May Students of the Month!


Sara Almeida

Amy Salazar

Unsung heroes/heroines

Unsung hero

The Union County School Boards Association again sponsored the annual Union County Student Recognition Program on March 23rd.  This program recognizes a senior from each high school in Union County. The honorees are our schools' "unsung heroes/heroines"—students who are often overlooked by traditional student recognition guidelines but who make a unique impact on their schools, families or communities. 


Hillside High School nominated Mr. Rashaun Snell for his tireless work ethic and outstanding leadership skills. 


Academically, he excelled in both engineering and computer technology, and was hired for three years by the district to intern within the Technology Department to combat and control technological problems inflicted upon the district.  Additionally, he was selected as the senior intern within the Department. 


Rashaun also found a love for the theater, but in a different way than most, as a member of the stage crew.  Whenever the auditorium required technical support, he was brought in to bring it to life.  Thus, he was selected Stage Crew Manager this year.



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HHS Mentoring

HHS Mentoring

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Teacher of the Year Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to 

Mr. Scott Nelson

Hillside High School's

Teacher of the Year



ESP Educational Support Professional of the Year

Congratulations to

Mrs. Angela Lawler

Union County's Educational Support Professional of the Year


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Parents please be sure that we have updated e-mail addresses and current phone numbers on file to ensure you are informed of important information regarding your son/daughter.

Thank you!

Chemistry Chemistry AP & Chemistry Syllabus

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please click on the link below to view the course curriculum covered through Edmentu-Plato Online Courses in Chemistry AP and Chemistry.

Thank you,

Mrs. Lynn Randle, Director of Guidance

/userfiles/266/my files/syllabus_chemistry ap.pdf?id=1406

/userfiles/266/my files/syllabus_chemistry.pdf?id=1408

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