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Staff Stars of the Month

Mr. Manuel Velez – by Hannah Elisabeth Rolle-Burnside, 6th grader

                Manuel Velez is one of the most valued staff members at this school.  So you should know about him as a person more than just being a school janitor.

                Mr. Velez worked at the high school for one year and has worked for six months here at WOK.  He applied online.  Mr. Velez grew up in New Jersey.  He knows how to balance his job and his family.

                On his leisure time he likes traveling with his family.  Mr. Velez has six children and an amazing wife.  One of his hobbies is to ride his bike.  Mr. Velez is a kind man and knows how to keep his personal life and work life separate.  Together we should make his job easier.  Don’t purposely leave something on the floor and even if it’s not yours, pick it up.  It would be a big help to Mr. Velez.  So when you see him tell him you appreciate him and his hard work because you should.

Staff Stars of the Month


Staff Stars of the Month

Ms. Cheung - by Gabriela Silva, 7th grader

Ms. Cheung likes teaching 7th grade because she thinks the students are a little bit young but at the end of the year they change and keep growing. Her favorite subject is language arts. She always wanted to teach. She started to teach elementary school. When Ms. Cheung was younger she wanted to be a teacher. She has an older sister.

Ms. Cheung likes teaching and likes her job. Her least favorite subject is math. The book that Ms. Cheung is reading at the moment is The Black Thorn Key. Ms. Cheung’s least favorite books are non-fiction; she likes fiction books better. She went through 4 years of undergraduate and 2 years of graduate school.

                For Ms. Cheung college was fun and she got to try different classes.  She has been teaching for 7 years, 4 years here and 3 years somewhere else. Her major when she was in college was English. We are glad to have Ms. Cheung here as a teacher.

Lost & Found

                                                               Image result for lost and found

WOK’s Lost and Found items are located in the basement near the custodial room. Please remember to stop by and check for any lost items. Due to the volume of lost articles at the end of each month any unclaimed lost and found will be donated to Good Will.  

Chromebook Distribution


Please be aware that chromebooks will be distributed on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 (for 6th graders) and Thursday, October 6, 2016 (for 7th & 8th graders).  Please be reminded that in order for your child to receive a chromebook, you must sign and return our Digital Learner Release Form AND you must come in person to sign our Mobile Use Release Form.  The Digital Learner Release Form was distributed to parents during our September PTA meeting and to students during Pd. 1 last week.  This form is also available on our website and in our main office.  The Mobile Use Release Form was distributed to parents during our September PTA meeting and it is available in our main office.

To assist parents in signing the Mobile Use Release Form, this form is also available at the front security desk for parents who pick up their children at the end of the school day and from KULA.  Finally, as a service to our families, Ms. Caine will hold a late night on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 where she will be available in the building until 7pm for parents who still need to come in and sign the Mobile Release Form. 

Click the link Image result for Arrow Digital Learner Release Form

Questions and Answers about Chrome Books


Congratulations to Ms. Mannino

Congratulations!!! Ms. Karen Mannino

Ms. Maninno has been named recipient of the 2016 Division Award by the Executive Board of Art Educators of NJ. This award recognizes teachers who have achieved the highest level of professionalism in the field of Visual Arts Education and have contributed their services in an exemplary manner to the organization.

Kudos to Ms. Mannino!!!


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