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Dear Hurden Looker School Community,

Our school system is committed to protecting student, teacher, and staff health. To protect our community and be in compliance with the Department of Education regulations, Hillside School District tested our schools’ drinking water for lead.

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Summer Reading 2017

Summer Reading

Hurden Looker School

Dear Parents:

Attached is a list of grade level appropriate books. You are to select two books to read over the summer. Feel free to select books of your choice if not listed on the list. You are required to complete a book report for each book (reports attached). This report will count towards your 1st marking period grade. You will hand the completed assignments to your teacher in September. 


SUGGESTED Supplies for Grade 3

Book bag (big enough to hold books and supplies)

Lunch box                               glue sticks

Pencils #2                                (3) spiral notebook- one subject

6th Grade Moving to GW for 2017-2018
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