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Black History month



As parents, you have unique ways of sending your children messages of love. Sometimes, a child just doesn’t get the message and thinks his/her parents don’t care. 

“There are at least three languages of love,” says child development specialist H. Wallace Goddard. They are showing, telling and touching: 

· A child who wants to be shown love—wants you to do things with him/her. So arrange to spend some quality time with them. 

· A tell-me child wants to hear words like, “I love you,” “I’m so glad you’re my child” and “I enjoy being with you.” 

· A touch-me child needs a parent to hug him/her, no matter how old they are. 

Notice what your child asks for. 

Watch how your child sends his/her own messages of love. 

Once you’ve figured this out, plan how you will send your child messages of love. 

Source: H. Wallace Goodard 


At Hillside High School we conduct activities throughout the school year that focus students’ attention on the significant contributions members of various race & ethnic groups have made to our society, during the month of February we celebrate the accomplishments of Black Americans.

Christine M. Sidwa


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