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Multimedia: Communications, Technology/TV/Radio/Internet/Art/Design

Who it's for:
For students who have above average skills in English and who are motivated to achieve.

What This Prep School Prepares Students For:

The Multimedia Preparatory School will prepare students for higher education and rewarding careers in TV, radio, and Internet production, broadcast, and design, as well as, professions such as journalism.

Selective admission, application required
Recommended grade point average 75% overall, 85% in English
Standardized language arts test
Personal interview
2 letters of recommendation

4 years television, radio, & Internet broadcast, production, post production
4 years Honors & AP English
4 years Drawing, Graphic Design, Computer Art, Advanced Art & Design
Cisco Web Design
2 years Spanish, 2 years Arabic
Journalism, Mass Media, & Psychology
3 years Science
3 years Math
4 years Physical Education or ROTC
Band and Chorus optional
Honors  & AP courses available