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Grade Replacement

Students will be allowed to retake up to three (3) courses in their high school career for grade replacement if they have earned a grade of 65 - 79. The course can be re-enrolled during the subsequent school year or during the summer months following the initial completion of the course. The course must be taken through an approved online provider or approved traditional summer school; this will be at no cost to the district (students are responsible for all fees associated with the course).


All courses proposed for grade replacement must be approved by student's Counselor and the Director of Guidance. Student's new grade will be replaced on the transcript and no additional credit will be earned. Application for grade replacement is available through the student's Counselor. If the grade replacement is taken for NCAA eligibility, please check the eligibility center website and discuss with your counselor.


Approved online providers:

Apex Learning

Educere Virtual Education

Vitual Learning Academy

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