Pre-K 3 - 3 classes at A.P. Morris & 1 class at Little Bears (provider site)

Pre-K 4 - 10 classes at A.P. Morris. 3 of these classes are inclusive for students with special needs.



Our preschool program is full-day and provides many experiences for students to develop academically, socially and emotionally. We currently use the state-approved curriculum Curiosity Corner from the Success for All Foundation as our main curriculum. This program focuses on 18 themes throughout the year that are approximately 10 days in length. Using this program, the students will play games, sing songs, hear stories, make up stories and engage in pretend play experiences. They meet Curiosity Cat, Chilly the Penguin and Squeaky the Squirrel to help introduce concepts and skills.


Curiosity Corner Website -


We also follow the New Jersey Preschool Teaching & Learning Standards which can be found at:


Students receive 30 minutes of recess/gross motor time daily. 

Students also have a 60 minute rest period. Cots are provided. 



The Easy Screening Inventory Third Edition (ESI™-3) is a screening instrument given to each student individually by their classroom teacher after several weeks into the school year. The screening provides an overview of a child’s development in three major areas: visual-motor/adaptive, language and cognition and gross motor. The screening takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Based on this state-approved screener students may score as follows:

  • OK - The child is developing at expected targets.

  • Rescreen - The child should be screened again in 8 to 10 weeks to determine if further action is needed.

  • Refer- Children may be at risk for delay/disability. A referral to the Preschool Intervention & Referral Team (PIRT) for an in-depth assessment is warranted. 


ESI™-3 Website:



To support student development we utilize GOLD® from Teaching Strategies. This assessment tool is grounded in 38 research-based objectives for development and learning. It allows teachers and families to see what their children know, what they are able to do, and to then plan targeted learning experiences. The GOLD® tool allows staff to record observations and provide comprehensive reports to families to on their progress. Progress reports will be sent home each trimester as the report card for preschool 3 & 4 students. 


GOLD® Website -

GOLD® Objectives -


GROW NJ Kids: 

Grow NJ Kids is New Jersey’s Quality Rating Improvement System for child care and early learning centers throughout the state of New Jersey. For families it provides information on selecting quality care and ratings. As part of our participation in this program the staff at A.P. Morris Early Childhood Center is provided opportunities to participate in various trainings. We also use a rubric provided to self-assess our program and develop a Quality Improvement Plan to continually improve the services provided. We are working towards receiving an official rating from The NJ Center for Quality Ratings at William Paterson. Ratings are based on “STAR” levels of 3, 4 or 5. 


Self-Assessment and rating are based on the following categories:

Category 1: Safe, Health Learning Environment

Category 2: Curriculum and Learning Environment

Category 3: Family and Community Engagement

Category 4: Workforce/Professional Development

Category 5: Administration and Management


Grow NJ Kids Website: