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Welcome to the Hillside Board of Education homepage.

The Hillside School District is governed by Title 18A, Education, of the New Jersey Statutes. There are nine members of the Board of Education who are elected in accordance with the provisions of the statute governing Type II school districts. Three of these nine members are elected each year for a three-year term. 

This area of the website is designated to provide board member contact information, meeting schedules, committee assignments, agendas-minutes for board meetings, budget information, superintendent's office information, and the Hillside Policy & Regulation Manual.  

At the annual Board of Education Organization held in January 4, 2017, the following committee assignments were communicated:


Board Of Education Calendar

Business Office



District Goal Areas for 2017-2018



To continue to implement best practices for curriculum and instruction (professional development for staff).  To include,but not limited to:


Project based learning

Standards based report card (K-6 grade)

Stem Initiative (grades 3-6) 

Dual enrollment program with NJIT (grades 9-12)


 2. To increase parental involvement and engagement in the educational process including the development of partnerships with businesses and community based organizations.


3. Develop a multi-year plan and begin implementation to improve our facilities to provide instructional programming that will enhance students learning opportunities. 


Board Members