Principal's Message A Message from the Principal

This has been a wonderful year for staff and students alike. To all our teachers, thank you for your tireless commitment and dedication to our students.  And also to all of our parents and guardians who have helped make this year a successful one. 


The students and staff all work together to make Hillside High School a great school.  By continuing to work together we will ensure that Hillside High School remains a school where everyone is welcomed and appreciated.  Have a safe and restful summer! 


Christine M. Sidwa




Student Schedules

Please note that all student schedules will be mailed home the last week of August.

Class Schedule

Freshman/New Student Orientation

Freshman/New Student

Please join us for a Freshman/New Student Orientation on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 1:00 in the

High School Cafeteria

College Fair

Please join us for our 11th Annual College Fair

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

6:30 PM in the Hillside High School Cafeteria

over 21 schools will be in attendance!

College Fair

HHS Robotics Club Engineering & Robotics Club Sponsorship/Fundraising

“Congratulation to the Fluets Corporation for becoming Hillside’s Engineering & Robotics clubs 1st sponsor with $1,000.00 check.  We are still in need of sponsors in order to compete in the VEX Robotics Competition this year.  With your sponsorship this school year, you will be able to partner with this club and help our Hillside students accomplish some great things.  If this is something that interests you, please reach out to me to see how you or your organization can help.  Please fill out the attached form or contact

Mr. Aranguren maranguren@hillsidek12.org.”


New Information

important information

Grade Replacement

Students will be allowed to retake up to three (3) courses in their high school career for grade replacement if they have earned a grade of 65 - 79. The course can be re-enrolled during the subsequent school year or during the summer months following the initial completion of the course. The course must be taken through an approved online provider or approved traditional summer school; this will be at no cost to the district (students are responsible for all fees associated with the course).


All courses proposed for grade replacement must be approved by student's Counselor and the Director of Guidance. Student's new grade will be replaced on the transcript and no additional credit will be earned. Application for grade replacement is available through the student's Counselor. If the grade replacement is taken for NCAA eligibility, please check the eligibility center website and discuss with your counselor.


Approved online providers:

Apex Learning

Educere Virtual Education

Vitual Learning Academy

Summer Reading grades 9-12
May Student of the Month Students of the Month

Congratulations to the May

students of the month:

Javonica Latimore

Nana Agyemang



Clubs & Organizations

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Student Handbook

Student Handbook

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e-mail email addresses

Parents please be sure that we have updated e-mail addresses and current phone numbers on file to ensure you are informed of important information regarding your son/daughter.

Thank you!

School Accident Insurance School Accident Insurance

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