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Shoes Reuse-a-Shoe Drive

Reuse-A-Shoe is one of Nike's longest-running environmental and community programs, where worn-out athletic shoes are collected, processed, and recycled into material for sports surfaces like playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, running tracks, and more.

Click on link below

/userfiles/142/my files/earth day- nike reuse a shoe flyer.pdf?id=5984

pic H-L Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Hi everyone, here is  a new link for our school's  breakfast and lunch menus, this link will update to the new month automatically at the start of each month.  If you wish to see the next month’s menu before the month begins, there is an option on the menu to select.


Honor Roll Hurden -Looker Honor Roll

Second Trimester

Third Grade

David Correia

Luciana Gomez

James Odeyemi

Anna Rita Lopes

Micayla Del Rosario


Student of the Month

smiley Student of the Month Marchsmiley

Third Grade
Matthew Simbaina- Creanza
Abdurahim Bendahmane– Derflinger
 Zev Wendel- Hamilton



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