School Counseling (Guidance)


Ms. Mary Stephanie Rogers

Director of School Counseling
(908) 352-7664 x 8141

Registering for Summer Transition Programs

Moving from Grade 6 into Grade 7

 Moving from Grade 8 into Grade 9 

Freshman Seminar

 Moving from Grade 11 to Grade 12

Senior Seminar

Hillside Scholarship Fund

 Hillside Scholarship Fund

  1. Students request an application by going to and clicking on HSF Application

  2. Students enter their name, school email address, and student ID.   This will generate an email with that information that will come to us, and the student will receive an email that their request was received. 

  3. When we receive their information, we will send it to you (or whoever you designate) for verification. 

  4. Once we receive that verification, we will send the student a link to download the application and complete the process.

  5. If students have a question, they can email