Superintendent of Hillside Public Schools

Mr. Erskine R. Glover

Superintendent Glover's Portrait

About Superintendent Erskine Glover

On August 10, 2021, Erskine R. Glover began his tenure as Superintendent for the Hillside Public Schools District in Hillside, New Jersey. Erskine R. Glover has over thirty years of experience in education, proudly serving as a teacher, math coach, technology coordinator, school-based administrator, Assistant Superintendent, State Director at the New Jersey Department of Education, and now Superintendent of Schools. Erskine R Glover is a native of Rochester, New York, and a proud High School graduate of Wilson Magnet High School, where he received a local High School Diploma and a New York State Regents Diploma. Erskine R. Glover has always viewed education as the conduit between the teaching environment and a learner's intellectual stamina to become a critical and analytical thinker. Erskine R. Glover leads with a strategic vision that is rooted in a culturally responsive, constructivist theoretical perspective centered on creating learning environments that are inclusive, reflective, and inspiring for all students and staff.

Erskine R. Glover earned his Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Statistics from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. As a student at the University of South Carolina, Erskine R. Glover experienced how unjust and inequitable our society is for various members of our country. Erskine R. Glover's time at the University of South Carolina inspired his passion for leadership and advocating for those students whose voices were excluded from critical spaces in education. During the summer of Erskine R. Glover’s sophomore year in college, Erskine R. Glover volunteered at a daycare center in Rochester, New York, and it was that experience that ignited the spark in Erskine R. Glover to explore a career in education. Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina, Erskine R. Glover was employed as a youth counselor for the Columbia, South Carolina branch of the National Urban League, and a substitute teacher for the Richland One Public School District in Columbia, South Carolina. Although working with students and families in South Carolina was rewarding, Erskine R. Glover wanted to make an impact in his hometown of Rochester, New York. Erskine R. Glover returned to Rochester, New York, and continued his teaching experience as a Special Education teacher assistant at School #19 in Rochester City School District. After two years of working in the Rochester City School District, Erskine R. Glover continued his higher education experience at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where a Master of Education in Early and Elementary Education was conferred.

In 1996, Erskine R. Glover was hired as a teacher in the Newark Public School District in Newark, New Jersey. He began teaching at Belmont Runyon Elementary School in the Southward of Newark. Erskine R. Glover knew from day one that his voice as an educator mattered in his students' lives. Erskine R. Glover also understood that his growth depended upon the great educators and leaders that supported his daily endeavors as a teacher. As a teacher at Belmont Runyon Elementary School, Erskine R. Glover stands proud of the accomplishments of his students and applauds the mathematics gains and proficiency outcomes that students demonstrated on the New Jersey Department of Education state assessment. While the classroom experience was fun-filled, Erskine R. Glover understood that leadership roles would expand his impact in the field of education.

Erskine R. Glover has a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Columbia University in New York, New York. Erskine R. Glover is also near completion of his Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction from Columbia University in New York, New York. Erskine R. Glover has used his voice and research to further promote educational opportunities for students and staff so that the beauty and value of education can continue to evolve and ultimately allow students to become contributing members of our society. Erskine R. Glover's leadership lens was sharpened during his thirteen years as a school-based administrator in the Newark Public Schools District and as an adjunct professor at Kean University (Union, New Jersey) and Rutgers University Newark Campus (Newark, New Jersey). Erskine R. Glover pushed adult learners to see themselves as the gateway between exemplary teaching and academic excellence for all students. Erskine R. Glover encouraged adult learners and practitioners to view classroom spaces as cherished locations where new thinking is developed, examined, and debated, so that young learners walk away with the ability to synthesize and critique their daily interactions within any community or organization they engage with.

Erskine R Glover has received many prestigious awards and honors in his career; however, in 2016, Erskine R. Glover was acknowledged as one of the United States of America's Great Educators of the Year. It was an honor that allowed Erskine R. Glover to go to the White House and meet other educators from across the country who positively contribute to the landscape and field of education in a way that improves the academic and social outcomes for students and adults. Erskine R. Glover continues to stay engaged in community, faith-based, and social organizations that promote academic and social access for students and families who traditionally are marginalized within our society.

Erskine R. Glover has been proudly married for twenty-five years and has two beautiful children who have inspired Erskine R. Glover to ensure education is accessible and excellent for all students. Erskine R. Glover is an avid sports fan who has had the privilege of playing, coaching, and now watching the two sports he loves, basketball and soccer. Erskine R. Glover is a sports photographer, weekend cook, art and hip-hop music lover, and collector of bow ties and sneakers. Erskine R Glover places a premium on his relationships with family, loved ones, and friends. Erskine R. Glover remains committed to the purpose and passion that he must be a servant, pillar, and inspiration for the greater good of the community.

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