World Language

World Language Department

The Hillside Public School is committed to excellence. In today’s global community, the study of a second language is an indispensable attribute of an educated person. The Hillside School District offers a multifaceted, comprehensive language program. The curriculum encompasses interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communication modes while emphasizing the interrelationship between the language and its respective culture. Moreover, multiple language acquisition enables the individual to reflect upon and gain insight into the student’s own language and culture.

In order to meet the demands of this ever-changing society/world, the Hillside School District provides a choice of language offerings. The goals for all modern languages offered require the mastery of the language with the five areas of emphasis: speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, and understanding the culture of the people whose language is under study.

The teachers provide learning experiences that enrich the students’ cultural, social, and global awareness.  The classroom practices differentiate lessons to address multiple learning intelligence. Classroom instruction is driven by the district curriculum.