Hillside Educational Foundation

Executive Board

Chair - Kimberly Cook

Vice Chair - Dr. David Jefferson Jr.

Treasurer - Christine Sidwa

Secretary - Angela Lawler

Member - Sherill Smith

Member - Joi Stanley

Member - Terrence Robinson

Executive Director - Dr. David Eichenholtz

Hillside Public School's Liaison - Erskine Glover

Mission statement

Our mission is to support and enrich the educational experience of students within the Hillside Public Schools District by raising funds to provide enhanced learning opportunities, support beautification of facilities, and access to essential resources. Through collaborative partnerships, community engagement, and transparent stewardship, we aim to bridge funding gaps, foster a culture of philanthropy, and ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our efforts are dedicated to empowering educators, inspiring student success, and contributing to the long-term prosperity of our community through the promotion of educational advancement.

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