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Maryalyce Alexander
Head Bookkeeper
Business Office
Demetra Barrino-Turner
Administrative Secretary
Business Office
David DeFluri
Certified Educational Facilities Manager
Buildings & Grounds
Marlena Batts
Confidential Secretary to the Business Administrator
Business Office
David Eichenholtz
Business Administrator
Business Office
Matthew Leonardis
Transportation & Food Service Coordinator
Business Office
Marisol Rivera
Administrative Secretary to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum & Instruction
James Bevere
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum & Instruction
Sherrill Smith
Data Coordinator & Residency Investigator
Data, Student Information & Accountability
Kristy Weaver
Director of Data, Student Information & Accountability
Data, Student Information & Accountability
Patricia Patterson-Zuber
HIB Coordinator & McKinney-Vento Liaison
Alicia Wiltshire-King
Director of Human Resources, Talent & Evaluation
Human Resources
Dana Leboeuf
Confidential Secretary for Human Resources and Labor Relations
Human Resources
Erskine Glover
Superintendent of Schools
908 352-7664 ext. 9700
Dr. David Eichenholtz
Business Administrator
908-352-7664 ext. 9601
Tharien Arnold
Director of Security
Beverly Harris
Confidential Office Manager to the Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent's Office
Dr. James Bevere
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
908-352-7664 ext. 9705
Deanna DeFluri
Technology Coordinator
Dr. Sandy Mercedes
Director of Special Services
908-352-7664 ex: 8164 / 8166